Thrift Store Transformation

One of the most challenging things about our most recent move, is that over half of our belongings are still in Texas! I find myself thinking, “where IS such and such?”… Oh yeah, its in a storage unit 800 miles away. The reasoning behind keeping our things in Texas for now, is that we are renting an apartment and decided rather than cramming everything in here we would leave our things safely packed away where the storage rent is cheaper and the humidity is lower than here. Our timeline for looking at moving into our own house is reasonable but for now I am focused on making this apartment our home.

Today I was out running errands and decided to run in Goodwill. With so much of our stuff in Texas I always have my eye out for things with a Farmhouse Country style that will cozy up our house a bit. I don’t like clutter, but staring at blank walls can get depressing! Our local Goodwill has daily deals offering a certain color tag at half price. I noticed a wooden knick-knack shelf that I had seen on my two previous trips. However, today it was half-off, and that warranted a third look.  I decided it was worth the two bucks.

Thrift store find

My next stop was Wal-Mart for my one stop shopping trip. I don’t enjoy shopping at our local Wal-Mart on the weekends because it gets so crazy, but seriously where else can I pick up chicken breasts and a can of spray paint?

So, that’s what I did, spent a dollar on some flat black paint…. and I believe the result is much nicer than the original. I think the black updates it a bit.  Now, I can keep looking for some more little whatnots to add to it. Plus it is a handy place for us to keep our car keys, since like most men, my husband is constantly misplacing his everyday items. Thrift Store Find Improved


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