Nine Years of Bliss

Yesterday my Babe and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary. Since marrying my best friend on Labor Day weekend years ago, we have had nothing less than a blissful and enchanted life. Just kidding, of course… but I do love him more now than I did that hot August day in Tennessee when we were sharing a delicious pig roast with some of our closest friends and family. We still have people tell us how much they enjoyed our wedding meal. Mmmmmm, and now my stomach is growling thinking about barbeque and hot potato salad! Yep, that was a good way to start a marriage! Anyway, A LOT has happened in the last nine years. There have been many ups and downs but thankfully God has brought us closer together through it all.

We don’t always get to do a big celebration for our anniversary but there is one thing that I’ve always done to commemorate the day. I put on my wedding dress! I know a lot of brides have their dresses preserved but I have opted to keep mine available and ready for my yearly “fitting” .  There have been two years (directly related to our two children) that it hasn’t exactly fit however! The sequins on the gown have yellowed a bit with time, but I’m okay with that. I love putting it on and feeling like a princess (even if I can barely breathe!) and bringing back those memories of that truly blissful day.

“Just Because” Baking

I’ve always loved to bake and make sweets. I have a horrible sweet tooth and when I make goodies it’s much better if I can give half of it away to keep me from overindulging! I made this super simple coffee cake the other day before my husband had a morning meeting at work, so he was able to take one loaf of the cake with him to share.

I found the recipe here at All Recipes and made very few modifications. Continue reading »

First Week Success

“Mommy, we forgot to do school today!”,  Junior worriedly told me when he got home today from fishing with Daddy. Well, I guess you could say we had a successful first week, if he is wanting to continue with his studies on Saturday!

We DID have a good first week of first grade. We jumped right in with both feet. The great thing about using Georgia Cyber Academy, is that we have the flexibility to complete lessons on the weekend if we choose to. Although fishing is a great learning experience as well! Continue reading »

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Pretty as a Picture SnowI love Pandora radio… when I get a hankerin’ to hear some Christmas music, it’s only a click away. At the moment I’m enjoying Lady Antebellum’s Holiday station.  I know it’s only August and according to my Christmas countdown app on the Ipad, I still have 136 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes and 52 seconds until that special day. As much as I look forward to celebrating the blessed day, the anticipation and preparation holds just about as much joy for me. I think I may drive my husband a little bit crazy with my Christmas obsession, but in my defense there are A LOT of worse things that I could be obsessed about… Continue reading »

Thrift Store Transformation

One of the most challenging things about our most recent move, is that over half of our belongings are still in Texas! I find myself thinking, “where IS such and such?”… Oh yeah, its in a storage unit 800 miles away. The reasoning behind keeping our things in Texas for now, is that we are renting an apartment and decided rather than cramming everything in here we would leave our things safely packed away where the storage rent is cheaper and the humidity is lower than here. Our timeline for looking at moving into our own house is reasonable but for now I am focused on making this apartment our home. Continue reading »