A New Creation

We have been so busy since I last shared here and with subsequent posts I plan on catching up a bit on our recent goings-ons.  😉 In fact, with my “busyness” I failed to realize until today that Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday, as in three days from now. A few weeks back I pinned a cute idea on Pinterest for Mother’s Day cards. I hate it when I’m prepared, yet unprepared at the same time! Unfortunately, it seems to happen quite often. Hopefully, the grandmothers will forgive us when they receive these cute cards in the mail a day or so late.

The original idea I pinned can be found here and has great step-by-step instructions. This particular example shows an adult making the prints, but I thought what would be cuter than my sons little hands?

I started out by cutting some cardstock to 8 x 10 pieces, so the butterflies can easily be framed. The boys then helped me pick out the paint colors to use, with just a little guidance. 🙂 Using inexpensive acrylic craft paint made for easy clean up.  The process went fairly quickly by painting JD’s hands and making all his prints first. Then while we finished the wings with Jr.’s handprints, JD ran around the living room, flapping his “wings” and pretending to be a butterfly. Oh, and he made sure to paint his tummy as well. Hence, why the boys are shirtless. 😉 I’m sure you can imagine how many times I said, “Don’t touch anything!” during his fluttery performance.  🙂

I used a circular sponge dabber to create the butterfly bodies.

Three sets of hands created this lovely butterfly.


I thought the finished product came together quite nicely. I plan on hanging mine in the laundry room not only as a memento of my babies’ chubby fingers but as a nice reminder of a verse found in the second book of Corinthians. Butterflies do not start off as gorgeous creatures but as lowly caterpillars, and being a new creation through Christ is just as beautiful of a transformation.


  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

2 Corinthians 5:17





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