T Minus 13 Days till First Grade!

Computer NookSomehow, my firstborn is six years old and starting first grade this year! The last few years have just flown by and my baby boy is ready for “real school”. Although I’ve been teaching him at home (the kid was reading at age three!), starting first grade is a big milestone.

One of the reasons I am so happy to be back in Georgia is the availability of Georgia Cyber Academy. GCA is a state funded program that uses the individualized K12 Curriculum. All the lessons in K12 are integrated and have a good mix of both online and offline activities. Junior loves playing the learning games and doing lessons online, but I also appreciate the emphasis on a classical education. Basically with GCA we are “homeschooling” through the public school system. Thus far the support I have received as Junior’s “Learning Coach” has been awesome. We get the flexibility of learning at home at our own pace with the partnership and guidance of a state certified teacher. Another part that we are looking forward to is participating the social activities and field trips that GCA provides throughout the year.

So, yesterday was an exciting day in our household for Junior.  Not only did we attend an online orientation with GCA, but the UPS man brought two big boxes of school materials totaling somewhere around 70 pounds. I swear Junior was as excited as if it were Christmas… well, almost. He wanted so badly to start reading all his new books and spent 20 minutes on the phone with his grandparents telling them all about it. I suppose come the second week of school I will have to remind him of his excitement.

We spent the rest of the afternoon organizing all the new supplies. It really is an impressive array of materials. They even sent the grass and bean seeds he will use for science projects. Since GCA is part of the public school system, there is no charge for any of the curriculum.  Being on a fairly tight budget, this is a huge benefit. If we were to purchase the exact same materials independently with Teacher Support, the total is over $2,600.

First Grade Curriculum from K12So the countdown continues to the start of school and prayerfully we will have a great school year full of fun and learning!

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