A New Creation

We have been so busy since I last shared here and with subsequent posts I plan on catching up a bit on our recent goings-ons.  😉 In fact, with my “busyness” I failed to realize until today that Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday, as in three days from now. A few weeks back I pinned a cute idea on Pinterest for Mother’s Day cards. I hate it when I’m prepared, yet unprepared at the same time! Unfortunately, it seems to happen quite often. Hopefully, the grandmothers will forgive us when they receive these cute cards in the mail a day or so late. Continue reading »

Springtime Crafting

Crafting is one of my favorite hobbies and its even more enjoyable on a rainy Saturday evening when my boys are watching March Madness. (Sidenote: college football begins in 157 days… 🙂 )

It’s a week before Easter and I decided to make some decorations. Continue reading »

A little gravy…

Well, it’s been about three weeks since my last post and obviously there have  been A LOT of changes for our little family in that time. That last week in the old apartment, I was not motivated to cook or clean! For someone who vacuums religiously everyday, it was quite the departure from my normal routine. Continue reading »

Hate is a Strong Word

HATE  really dislike pre-lit trees… Yes, they are absolutely splendid the first three to  four years after bringing the chosen one home from your local home improvement store. Then, about 3.5 years down the road , right after the warranty expires (imagine that!), things start going downhill and fast. Continue reading »

Christmas in September

About a month ago, I was talking with the grandparents about Christmas ideas for the boys. After two major moves in the last year we have cleared out and given away A LOT of outgrown and unused toys. Presently the boys share a room and we have limited storage space as well. We came up with the idea of new bedroom furniture for the boys’ Christmas.  All the grandparents chipped in and we were able to order these awesome captain’s beds and this gorgeous bedding.  Christmas came a little early this year and we are so thankful for generous grandparents! Continue reading »

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Pretty as a Picture SnowI love Pandora radio… when I get a hankerin’ to hear some Christmas music, it’s only a click away. At the moment I’m enjoying Lady Antebellum’s Holiday station.  I know it’s only August and according to my Christmas countdown app on the Ipad, I still have 136 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes and 52 seconds until that special day. As much as I look forward to celebrating the blessed day, the anticipation and preparation holds just about as much joy for me. I think I may drive my husband a little bit crazy with my Christmas obsession, but in my defense there are A LOT of worse things that I could be obsessed about… Continue reading »

Thrift Store Transformation

One of the most challenging things about our most recent move, is that over half of our belongings are still in Texas! I find myself thinking, “where IS such and such?”… Oh yeah, its in a storage unit 800 miles away. The reasoning behind keeping our things in Texas for now, is that we are renting an apartment and decided rather than cramming everything in here we would leave our things safely packed away where the storage rent is cheaper and the humidity is lower than here. Our timeline for looking at moving into our own house is reasonable but for now I am focused on making this apartment our home. Continue reading »