Christmas in September

About a month ago, I was talking with the grandparents about Christmas ideas for the boys. After two major moves in the last year we have cleared out and given away A LOT of outgrown and unused toys. Presently the boys share a room and we have limited storage space as well. We came up with the idea of new bedroom furniture for the boys’ Christmas.  All the grandparents chipped in and we were able to order these awesome captain’s beds and this gorgeous bedding.  Christmas came a little early this year and we are so thankful for generous grandparents!

I LOVE the beds we found, they are very reasonably priced and the boys really do enjoy them. They look much nicer in person than depicted online.  I put them together in two days, and they are very sturdy for this type of furniture. The bookcase headboard is so convenient for bedtime reading. It is so cute to see JD pick out his favorite books to read and especially nice for each boy to have his own age-appropriate books within easy reach. The captains beds with storage drawers underneath are another nice feature. We’re using them for hats, puzzles, games, and Legos. Having more storage has really helped the boys keep their room cleaner and more organized. My parents also found the great wood dressers that go really well with the beds and provided more much needed storage.

Junior helped me pick out the quilts from Pottery Barn Kids. The quilts are well-made and classic. I wanted to have something that we would not grow tired of quickly or that was too childish. I also let each boy pick out a special pillowcase, Junior, our little fisherman, chose sharks, and JD chose airplanes. They both look great on the beds and I decided to go with plain white sheets for the rest of the bedding. This not only saved money but also provides a nice clean look. We also have the matching quilted shams that are personalized with the boys’ names.

The last things that I would like to add to the room are some decorative wall decals of sharks and airplanes that I can make using the Cricut machine. Overall, we all enjoy spending time in their bedroom more and the boys have declared their new beds are super cozy.

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