“Just Because” Baking

I’ve always loved to bake and make sweets. I have a horrible sweet tooth and when I make goodies it’s much better if I can give half of it away to keep me from overindulging! I made this super simple coffee cake the other day before my husband had a morning meeting at work, so he was able to take one loaf of the cake with him to share.

I found the recipe here at All Recipes and made very few modifications.  One, I always add a dash more vanilla than called for and I also added a little more  (maybe 2/3 cup total) butter to the topping. I’m guessing this is why my topping sunk down into the cake for a delicious surprise “filling”!  I also baked it in two small loaf pans. This made it easier to slice and enjoy. Also, depending on your oven, I always check things five minutes before specified to make sure the cake stays moist and yummy!

This will be a great recipe to keep on hand for last minute guests or as an easy breakfast item. Enjoy!

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