Thrift Store Finds

Today I decided to browse our local Goodwill store quickly before going grocery shopping. Its not often that I am out and about without the kiddos and I wanted to take full advantage of the time alone and see what treasures were awaiting me…. besides, picking up milk and eggs isn’t exactly thrilling.

I was raised in a family of antiquers and collectors.  Not everyone has the patience to dig through the junk for the good stuff but I really enjoy it. I think its in my blood. The funniest thing is what I consider the “good stuff”, someone else considers junk… That’s just how it works.

Anyway here are my finds of the day.

First, I found a framed Currier and Ives print. Its called The Roadside Mill. It is older and has some discoloration but in decent shape, so SOLD for $2.99.

I rummaged through the household wares and found a small glass bowl. For .59 I’ll use it for well, just about anything. When setting the table I like to use glass bowls for serving since they go with any china that we happen to be using.

I also found a milk glass pedestal vase for .99 . I’ve been collecting milk glass items for a few years now and one day I’ll have a big country cupboard in my farmhouse kitchen that will look awesome with my milk glass collection. Today, I decided to repurpose the vase and use it in our bathroom along with one I already had, for toiletry organization. Looks cuter than the mason jar we were using… although that had a certain “what’s it” as well.

The last thing I found was a napkin holder, .59 , which I am repurposing as a recipe/mail holder on the kitchen counter. I don’t know, its not anything collectible or “special” but I liked it.

When I go “goodwilling” its definitely fun to find something that is perhaps more valuable than what I paid but the most important thing is that I acquire things that I truly love and that can make them priceless.

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