My Baby is Three!

“They say I’m old-fashioned, and live in the past, but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!”  ―   Dr. Seuss

I cannot tell you where the last few weeks have gone…  Between lots of family visits, homeschooling, and my not so itty bitty (37.5 lb!) baby boy turning three years old this month, we have been keeping busy! With every birthday that passes, I am reminded again how incredibly blessed we are and so thankful for our two boys.

I don’t know why is it so difficult for me to wrap my mind around my Baby being three…?  I guess it’s because we know there are no more babies in our foreseeable future and I really do baby my Baby (oh, that reminds me of an old George Strait song…. )  an awful lot. I know he’s a big kid and all,  but my goodness he is such a Momma’s boy and he really knows how to get his way with me. Time goes by too quickly and I do try and cherish all these little moments  and I guess that means I’m in a little bit of denial about them growing up so fast. Oh well.

I wanted to share some pictures from the little family party we had for JD. I made some decorations using my basic Cricut machine and I thought they came out really cute for his (simple!) airplane themed party.

The first thing I did was cut out silhouettes and shadows of three different airplanes and jets. On my machine, I can only cut 6×12 paper, but by cutting each plane at the largest possible size ( that setting varied from 3.5 -5″) the planes were still a good size for decorations. Junior helped me pick out the colors to use and I showed him how to use the Cricut machine. He is now old enough to really help and it was a lot of fun to craft together.  (Reminding myself, that it’s a good thing for them to get older too. 😉 ) The cartridge I used is Stand and Salute. I found this cartridge at Michael’s craft store a few years ago at a steal for under ten bucks. It has some really cute patriotic images and fun stuff for the boys.

We hung the airplanes from the “cloud” tissue garlands (from Wal-mart, $1.47 each) by fishing line and  JD loved looking at the planes “flying” over the dining table!

I also used the Cricut (when you have it, you use it 😉 ) to cut out little grey and white clouds (also an image from Stand and Salute) for the cupcake toppers. Using airplane stickers ($1/sheet from Wal-mart), the paper clouds and toothpicks, I  topped the sky blue and fluffy icing (first time I’ve used frosting from an aerosol can but it very quickly made nice clouds!) with little airplanes.

Anyway, I think JD’s airplane themed decorations came together nicely, considering I was very budget conscious and wanted to keep things simple. Of course, being a baby even at age three, he is still easily impressed.






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