Morning Reflections

Morning Reflection

This morning I woke up before 5 AM. Anyone that knows this family, KNOWS we are not exceptionally early risers. However, I couldn’t get back to sleep and besides thinking about the laundry I needed to get caught up on, I began to think about my friends. Even more specifically, thanking God for my friends and loved ones.

In the last few days, several of my friends have reached out to me in a special way. Whether it was through an email, blog post, Facebook, text, or pictures in the mail, its just nice to know that they were thinking of me. Sometimes, you wonder how someone knows that you needed that uplifting message or thought but somehow friends do.

Moving across town, across the state and across the country in the last ten years has been stressful and tiresome in so many ways. However, this morning, I was reminded that if it weren’t for those moves I would not have met some of the most special people in my life. I’m not one of those people that moves to a new area and all of a sudden has five new best friends. But I would rather have the true friends that I can count on, even if they live in New York, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia… you get the idea. 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m usually the one making a friend for life, then moving away.  Physical distance is annoying but thank goodness for all our modern conveniences to stay in touch!

I also have an awesome group of online friends and we chat nearly everyday. These other moms and I have a lot in common with having  babies (our “babies” are now three years old!) the same age but we also enjoy a great friendship that goes beyond the kids.

I could not write a post about friendship without mentioning how thankful I am that I married my best friend. I also feel very blessed with a wonderful relationship with my parents and extended family. I talk with my parents most every day and I’m so thankful we only live a few hours away from each other now.

I’m not planning on setting my alarm for five tomorrow for more reflection  but I am always thankful to have such a great support system of friends and family!


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