Lego Heads

This past Christmas Legos invaded our home. Both boys enjoy playing with Legos and knowing their Daddy and Uncle’s enthusiasm for them, I guess they will never stop thinking little plastic bricks are pretty darn cool.  Junior delights in  the building process and JD does what three year olds do best – he’s an expert demolisher.

Not too long ago, my husband and I are were discussing vacation plans for the year and remembered seeing a coupon (Kids go FREE!)  for Legoland, Florida. This is a fairly new (opened in 2011) amusement park in Winter Haven, FL, established at the old Cypress Gardens.  Based on this park being geared specifically towards children ages 2-12, we thought it would be a pleasant get-away trip for our family this May. We are staying in one of the Disney hotels, Pop Century Resort, so we can enjoy a little time with Mickey while we’re in the neighborhood. 🙂 This should be a fun-filled couple of days for us and my cousin and her family who will be joining in the fun. I’ll definitely have pictures and stories to share after the trip.

When our family plans a vacation we plan it to the nth degree! My husband is the expert at preparation, researching and organizing our trips. It’s rather like Christmas for me, so much of the pleasure comes from the excitement building up towards the big day.  Part of my preparation for this trip was to find some cute Lego themed shirts for the boys. When we have a trip or vacation planned we do encourage the kids to collect any loose change (the grandparents are always willing to donate!) and save any cash they receive for spending money on the trip.  However, being the budget conscious mother that I am, I prefer planning ahead for some of our “souvenirs”.

After browsing ready-made Lego shirts online, I wasn’t thrilled with any of them. I knew I would enjoy making my own and found these splendid vinyl decals from Scrapalicious Sisters on Etsy.  This store also sells great Disney themed decals. Their prices were reasonable and I bought the tees at Wal-mart for $3.47 each.  I decided to put the shirts together last night and although the  personalization added some time to the process, it was a gratifying way to spend my evening.  When I showed the kids’ shirts to my husband his response was, “Where’s mine?” 🙂 He really is a kid at heart.  The boys LOVE their shirts and can’t wait to wear them, but we are saving them for Legoland.  The only issue we have is JD declares his shirt also says “Big Brother”.  “I NOT little, Momma”, he explains. Oh well. I guess it’s a good thing he can’t read yet.


Materials are Ready!

Materials are Ready!


It helped to have slightly long fingernails when removing the plastic after ironing.

It helped to have slightly longer fingernails when removing the plastic after ironing.


Happy Lego Head

Happy Lego Head


Big Lil' Brother can't stop looking at his really cool shirt!

Lil’ Big Brother can’t stop looking at his really cool shirt!

I didn't forget Daddy :)

I didn’t forget Daddy 🙂



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