Gypsy Dixie Livin’

Moving TruckTLC called. With the gypsy craze in full swing they want to follow our family for the next eight months just to see where we end up next!  Just kidding.

Yet,  we are moving again. Hopefully, in eight months we will, disappoint our loyal viewers, and be in the same apartment where we have  just signed a one year lease.  Paying three months of rent to break the current lease is not something we would care  to repeat.  The last few weeks have been a little crazy and hectic. My husband was not looking for a new job and I certainly wasn’t clamoring to pack boxes again.  Although I’m getting pretty darn good at it. 😉 We’ve loved living in this area, but the new job is seventy miles south, and with gas at almost four bucks a gallon we didn’t have to think twice about moving down that way.

I cannot lie, the process of moving is an absolute pain in the rear and just  looking at the eighteen boxes I’ve already packed makes me tired.  However, I am taking the time to de-clutter and organize as I pack. I’m so thankful my parents were here last week to provide moral support and I could load their truck with all the Goodwill donations. Farewell! To the  four and a half foot huge teddy bear! Don’t worry, we still have one more huge bear, but by family vote we decided to donate one. Thank goodness, my vote counted twice! 🙂 My rule of thumb while packing: if I haven’t touched it in eight months, do I really need to move it again? Occasionally, the answer is yes. I am so tempted to try a Spartan lifestyle and only unpack the bare necessities. However, home is not only where the heart is, but also where your stuff is. So, I will do my best to make this next place as cozy and homey as possible for the time that we are there.

We really are so excited about this new opportunity. Not only will my husband develop his computer programming skills but he’ll be working nine to six. This will be a welcome change from the crazy and seasonal schedule we’ve endured over the last seven years, of retail tax business. We also found an apartment within walking distance of his new office! This means we can hold off on buying a second car, save a ton of money on gas, and watch our down payment fund for a house grow more quickly.

Obviously this year is bringing more changes than we anticipated but we are eager to go in this new direction and Lord willing by this time next year we will be planning to move again, but it will be to put down roots and to buy a house…. although I am pretty good at pulling off  a gypsy outfit and somewhere (in these taped boxes!) I have the second grade Halloween picture to prove it. 🙂

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