Feeding the Hungry

Meet Henry.

Henry is hungry.


The last several days have been dreary and chilly. The boys and I had barely stepped outdoors and we were all going just a little bit stir crazy. To combat impending craziness, (one of us was oh so close to being there!) we decided to do something worthwhile and feed our hungry neighbors. Aren’t they lovely?

Our Neighbors


By appearances, I don’t believe our friends are starving, but when they saw that we had come callin’… they came a runnin’ !

JD and his buddies


For the record, these fellows aren’t picky about white or wheat…



I decided we need to do this more often. I’ve always loved being around animals and having pets… I also LOVE the name Henry for pets. 🙂 (Rest in Peace, dear Henry the Hamster)  And I hate that we are unable to have a pet here in the apartment but at least my boys can take care of  the geese from time to time.


 Wait, there’s more?

Our friends


Follow the leader…

Follow the Leader


 Deeee – licious!



Look at me!

More Showing Off

Show off.

Showing Off



Emmy Jean

Pardon me, you have a little crumb.




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